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Welcome to my website, my name is Alisa Slattery, founder of The Queen of Weight Loss. It is my mission to help you get a jumpstart to losing weight. I can help you whether you have 20 pounds or 100 pounds to lose. You will get quick results, but this is not a quick fix. I work with men and women who have tried everything, and I mean everything, only to be frustrated at the results and the process. These individuals have promised themselves they would not do another diet, but knew they were not destined to be fat their whole life. Secretly they would be willing to try one more thing if they knew without a doubt this would be the last thing ever. We use the Simeon’s protocol and have group meetings locally in Knoxville; however, for customers who are out of the area, I do coach by phone and have many satisfied long distance clients who have successfully used my services. If you want to know what I know, then contact the Queen. The Weight is Over!!!

Knoxville Weight Loss Program Knoxville Weight Loss Program

Alisa Slattery is an award winning sales leader and trainer.
She left her successful 15 year career in insurance and followed her passion for helping men and women get their lives back with weight loss and turned it into a successful business. She believes in the eWomenNetwork philosophy of “giving first sharing always” which has become the catalyst in growing her business. While The Queen of Weight Loss has a national and international presence she very much believes in ” do what you can where you can” and “Leave it better than when you found it” which is why the City of Knoxville where she resides is a much lighter and healthier place. As a wife and mother she is also an active member of her church and community. She has recently been nominated for the eWomenNetwork International Business matchmaker of the Year 2011 Knoxville Chapter.

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