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Coaches Corner by Amy – Nov 21, 2011

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Great morning Royal Court,

Last night’s meeting was so much fun!!  We were small but mighty and all those that were there looked absolutely FABULOUS!!

Congratulations to Ms. SHIRLEY SOLE for winning the prize!!

Last night’s topic:  EAT LIKE A QUEEN

There are a few simple rules that need to be implemented that enable you to keep weight off after you’ve completed Protocol and Maintenance.

1.  Eat slowly and savor-   Research has shown that the faster you eat, the more likely you are to become obese.  It takes 15 to 20 minutes for your brain to recognize that it is full.  When you eat to fast, you have no portion control and can eat beyond what your stomach reads as being full.  That’s not good.  Eating slowly, chewing your food 15 to 20 and swallowing before each bite is the way we should be eating.  This causes us to feel fuller faster and ingest fewer calories.  Brilliant and simple!!  Another tip is to use smaller utensils, plates and set your fork down between each bite.

2.  Not all carbs are created equal-  Carbs are essential to our long-term health.  They are rich sources of fuel your body needs for physical activity and organ function.  However, choose your carbs carefully.  Complex carbs from whole grains, beans, fruits vegetables and other natural sources are the way to go.  Processed food are loaded with bad carbs, including trans fats, and should avoided.

3.  Eat your carbs the right way-  We all know that spiking your insulin multiple times during the day is the leading cause of weight gain.  When you want to eat carbs, make sure to have them only once a day or in a single sitting.  And when you eat that meal: Eat no-carb foods (protein) first, then low-carb foods (vegies) and end with high-carb foods.  This allows you to control the amount and frequency of insulin that is released.

Spiking your insulin several times a day releases hormones that cause you to be hungry more often and to crave other carbs.

Following these simple rules will insure you to keep the weight off.  You still can everything you like if you stay within these boundaries.  Now that’s really LIVING YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

Have a great day,



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