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Coaches Corner by Amy – Feb. 6, 2012

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Great morning Royal Court.  We had a fantastic meeting meeting last night and I swear…everyone looks AMAZING!!!  I want to welcome our 3 newbies:  Barbara, Christi and Linda.  You guys are going to LOVE this!!!

Topic for the evening:  Nutrition Is More Than Vitamins

It’s true. You really are what you eat. You can’t be healthy eating junk. And you can’t be unhealthy eating good foods.

Being healthy has nothing to do with low-fat/lo-cal diets, industry-driven rhetoric or advertiser’s agendas. It’s about understanding why you must eat natural, organic and whole foods. And understanding how bad fats, bad oils, chemicals, preservatives, hormones and over-processed foods causes cells to malfunction and free-radicals to run rampant creating a haven for disease.

Our bodies crave nutrients, vitamins and minerals most of which have to be ingested. We have a choice to make everyday. To fuel ourselves with foods that build us up or foods that break us down.
Eating whole, organic and nutritious foods that our bodies recognize and can process is the way to maintain your health for life.

You can’t possibly be perfect all the time, but having the knowledge to make healthy decisions, the education to decipher food labels and the courage to do so at any cost is what this program has always been about.

Remember this:  HCG is temporary…but FOOD IS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

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