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About The Queen of Weight Loss

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My name is Alisa. I am a researcher in the field of weight loss and founder of The Queen of Weight Loss. Born in Mississippi, residing in Tennessee, I have spent my life and 15-year career in the field of Health Insurance, living within the states holding the highest obesity rates in the nation. If you are reading this, I can only assume we share a common interest in the field of weight loss and a desire to overcome obesity. Please allow me to welcome you to the Royal Court and congratulate you on your decision to embark on this life-changing journey.

Struggling with weight issues my whole life, I have researched and explored what feels like every method known to mankind. Now, I have found what I think is the “only way to lose weight.” Discovered in the 1950’s, but kept under lock and key, reserved for movie stars, royalty, and the rich and famous, I find myself burdened with the knowledge that could set so many people free from the torment of being fat!!!!

  • I know the heartache of being overweight.
  • I know the embarrassment of telling someone that they are uninsurable because of height and weight – they too were embarrassed.
  • The whispers of other people saying my goodness she is pretty if only she would lose weight.
  • People saying I am concerned about your health when you know they mean I am concerned that you are so fat.
  • Hearing that to insure an obese person cost 4 times more than insuring a smoker.
  • Wanting to fade away into the background because you are tired of being that embarrassment to your family.
  • Dreading the camera

This list could go on and on and everyone has their story, but all any fat person wants is the final, truthful answer, will this work? I, Alisa, give you my word that, in my opinion, this is the solution. I PROMISE it was for me and I thank GOD everyday for this miracle that I know will change the world.

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