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Aug 6, 2012

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  • You should never mess with Mother Nature so here are 3 eating habits that you can change today:

    Why do you suppose cows are fed antibiotic, steroid and hormone-laden corn and grain? Could it be to fatten them much faster than nature intended? Of course it is.
    And what do you think happens to us when we consume these meats? EXACTLY!
    ** Grass-fed beef is less fattening and contains less saturated fats than does corn/grain-fed beef.
    ** Grass-fed beef is also much higher in healthy omega 3 fatty acids, protein and linoleic acids (anti-cancer nutrient) than corn/grain-fed beef.
    ** Studies show that choosing grass-fed beef over corn/grain-fed beef often results in significant weight loss.

    Ever wonder why you don’t see corn stalks growing in our lakes, rivers and oceans? It’s because fish don’t naturally eat corn.
    ** Wild-caught fish have healthier omega 3 fatty acids and are lower in saturated fats than corn-fed, farm-raised fish.
    ** Farm-raised fish are also treated with antibiotics and pesticides to help them grow and mature at an unnatural rate.
    ** It may also be interesting to note that farm-raised fish are often treated with colored dyes to prevent against an unappetizing gray color. YUM!

    What’s the difference between sea salt and table salt? About 81 different things.
    ** Minerals are vital to our health but, unlike vitamins, our bodies MUST ingest minerals. And sea salt has 81 trace minerals that are essential to our bodies’ functions.
    ** Table salt is stripped of these minerals for the sole purpose of creating the white appearance we’ve all come to know. All what’s left is sodium and chloride- the two worst antagonists of high blood pressure.
    ** Sea salt will also help to alkalinize your body. Most of us live with high acidity in our bodies, which creates a haven for disease, while having an alkalinized body helps to stave off disease.

    Making these 3 simple changes in your diet will not only tremendously improve your health, but also improve your waistline.

    Remember: “It’s NOT what you eat that makes you fat–It’s what’s IN what you eat that makes you fat.”

Coaches Corner by Coach Amy – May 14, 2012

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Great Morning Royal Court,

The meeting last night was phenomenal!! Welcome to Shelby, Susan, Brianne and the entire Wenger family!! Congrats to Christi on her 50 lb. pound loss and Marsha on her 24 inches lost so far!!! AMAZING!!

Last night’s topic: MINIMIZE NITRATES

Nitrates/Nitrites are added to foods for one reason and one reason only: PRESERVATION. They preserve the “pink” color that we have all come to recognize as deli meats. And they are used in protection against botulism, which usually occurs in highly-processed meats.

The consumption of nitrates is extremely dangerous and have been linked to a variety of cancers, such as bladder, colon, esophageal and gastric cancers. It increases the risk of pancreatic and colorectal cancers by 67%. The possibility of leukemia is increased by a whopping 700% by consuming large amounts of processed and nitrate-laden meats. Studies show there is also an increased risk of lung diseases, such as COPD. And lastly, nitrates are EXTREMELY dangerous to fetuses, infants and children.

Meats aren’t supposed to last on your shelf for months at a time. You need to be diligent as to what you purchase and what you bring into your home. READ YOUR LABELS!!
We don’t want to take your hot dogs and pepperoni away…Just be sure to get nitrate/nitrite free, uncured, natural meats. FRESH FRESH FRESH meats only from your local farmers markets, health food stores and stores with whole-food philosophies are the way to go!!!

Let’s face it…we all love our bacon, hot dogs and luncheon meats so make sure that you’re getting the best you can get and protect yourself against what could be hiding inside them!!

Have a great day!!

Coaches Corner by Amy – Feb. 6, 2012

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Great morning Royal Court.  We had a fantastic meeting meeting last night and I swear…everyone looks AMAZING!!!  I want to welcome our 3 newbies:  Barbara, Christi and Linda.  You guys are going to LOVE this!!!

Topic for the evening:  Nutrition Is More Than Vitamins

It’s true. You really are what you eat. You can’t be healthy eating junk. And you can’t be unhealthy eating good foods.

Being healthy has nothing to do with low-fat/lo-cal diets, industry-driven rhetoric or advertiser’s agendas. It’s about understanding why you must eat natural, organic and whole foods. And understanding how bad fats, bad oils, chemicals, preservatives, hormones and over-processed foods causes cells to malfunction and free-radicals to run rampant creating a haven for disease.

Our bodies crave nutrients, vitamins and minerals most of which have to be ingested. We have a choice to make everyday. To fuel ourselves with foods that build us up or foods that break us down.
Eating whole, organic and nutritious foods that our bodies recognize and can process is the way to maintain your health for life.

You can’t possibly be perfect all the time, but having the knowledge to make healthy decisions, the education to decipher food labels and the courage to do so at any cost is what this program has always been about.

Remember this:  HCG is temporary…but FOOD IS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

Coaches Corner by Amy – Jan 23, 2012

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Good morning Royal Court,
Last night’s meeting was fantastic and it was so good to see so many new faces and some faces that I haven’t seen in a while!!  Don’t you love our meetings!!!!
Last night’s topic:  The Seven Stages Of Disease
We already know that preventative screenings and routine physicals are a proactive way to keep our health in check. We do these things to PREVENT health issues from getting out of control. That’s great, but what about the health problems that cannot yet be seen or are not tested for. They can lay dormant for years and then erupt quickly and get out of control quickly.‘The Seven Stages of Disease’ is an extremely helpful checklist that explains the progression of disease and allows us to become even more proactive. This is an invaluable resource to use when signs emerge that something “just isn’t right” by teaching us warning signs and possible causes.


Take an active role in your health and your prevention and become educated and acutely aware of what your body is telling you. THAT is preventative medicine!!!

Have a great day,


Meeting Blog by Coach Amy 1-3-2012

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It was so amazing to see everyone again and I’m thrilled to see so many of you starting the new year off right by taking control of your weight and health.

2012 is going to be an amazing year for all of you!!  This is the year to really embrace our mantra of “99% committment is a b****, 100% committment is a breeze”!!!

When you are 100% committed to ANYTHING, you shield yourself against failure.  It is just simply not an option. You don’t allow yourself to get off task or lose your focus.  You don’t look for reasons why you can’t but discover reasons why you can.

The year-end review in our meetings showed us that everyone one of you know this program well and have gained such valuable knowledge regarding your health.  Now it’s about putting that knowledge and education into action.  Alisa and I have re-vamped the structure of protocol, maintenance and coaching and we know that this will allow for a more streamlined and consistent round for each of you.

Again, we are so grateful for each and every one of you and will always be available to insure that you have everything you need to be successful!!

Remember 2012 is a new year filled with 100% committment, positive attitudes, and smokin’ hot bodies!!!!

Have a fabulous day, Amy

Coaches Corner by Amy – Nov 28, 2011

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Great morning Royal Court,
 The last meeting of the
year was a great success!!  It was so good to see everyone looking so
wonderful.  I think the average weight loss in that room was over 50 lbs!!!
That’s so amazing!!!
Welcome  Roger and
Karen Van Dyk to the Royal Court and c
ongratulations  to Julienne for winning last
night’s prize.
The topic for last
night was a summary of all the lessons we’ve learned throughout the year and how
to make next year even better.  We have all learned so much.  We now know much
better what to eat, when to eat, where to eat, how to eat, where to shop, how to
prepare, what to bring and how to travel.  We’ve learned to read labels and
understand food philosophies.  We’ve learned that the scale is an asset and we
need to weigh everyday.  We know that water is vital in weight loss and
maintaining weight loss.  And we’ve even learned some tips to get weight off
when life happens.
But most of all we’ve
learned that we can all lose weight AND keep it off while becoming healthier
than we’ve ever been!!
Since we have no meetings in the month of December remember to stay plugged in.  Read your
emails, blogs and workbooks.  Listen to Failsafe Fridays.  Stay engaged in the
Facebook community.  We’ve all come to support one another and we will continue
to do so. 
Stay on the reservation:  Drink your water, get your sleep and have continued success
through the end of the year.
 2012 is the year of REDEMPTION and I know all of you will have even greater success!!!  Alisa, Mick
and I are always a phone call away and we wish you a blessed holiday and amazing
new year!!!!
Have a great day,

Coaches Corner by Amy – Nov 21, 2011

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Great morning Royal Court,

Last night’s meeting was so much fun!!  We were small but mighty and all those that were there looked absolutely FABULOUS!!

Congratulations to Ms. SHIRLEY SOLE for winning the prize!!

Last night’s topic:  EAT LIKE A QUEEN

There are a few simple rules that need to be implemented that enable you to keep weight off after you’ve completed Protocol and Maintenance.

1.  Eat slowly and savor-   Research has shown that the faster you eat, the more likely you are to become obese.  It takes 15 to 20 minutes for your brain to recognize that it is full.  When you eat to fast, you have no portion control and can eat beyond what your stomach reads as being full.  That’s not good.  Eating slowly, chewing your food 15 to 20 and swallowing before each bite is the way we should be eating.  This causes us to feel fuller faster and ingest fewer calories.  Brilliant and simple!!  Another tip is to use smaller utensils, plates and set your fork down between each bite.

2.  Not all carbs are created equal-  Carbs are essential to our long-term health.  They are rich sources of fuel your body needs for physical activity and organ function.  However, choose your carbs carefully.  Complex carbs from whole grains, beans, fruits vegetables and other natural sources are the way to go.  Processed food are loaded with bad carbs, including trans fats, and should avoided.

3.  Eat your carbs the right way-  We all know that spiking your insulin multiple times during the day is the leading cause of weight gain.  When you want to eat carbs, make sure to have them only once a day or in a single sitting.  And when you eat that meal: Eat no-carb foods (protein) first, then low-carb foods (vegies) and end with high-carb foods.  This allows you to control the amount and frequency of insulin that is released.

Spiking your insulin several times a day releases hormones that cause you to be hungry more often and to crave other carbs.

Following these simple rules will insure you to keep the weight off.  You still can everything you like if you stay within these boundaries.  Now that’s really LIVING YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

Have a great day,



Coaches Corner by Amy – Nov 14, 2011

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Great morning Royal Court,

How powerful was ‘Killer at Large’??  It ‘s infuriating that more and  more
people are starting to realize and believe that the epidemic of childhood
obesity is directly related to the food they eat BUT very little is being done
about it.  Everyone should see the documentary!

Congratulations to MS. PENNY ELLISON for winning thoses sassy sleep masks and

Last’s night’s topic:  The importance of SLEEP

As you all know sleep plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy balance in
our bodies,  Having less than 7.5 to 8 hours of solid sack time can actually
increase the risk of diseases such as cancer, obesity, heart attacks, diabetes,
stroke and high blood pressure.
But I don’t think we understood what a
critical weight management tool that sleep is. Having less sleep actually
INCREASES your insulin. Insulin is what needs to be avoided like the plague and
yet we are unaware of its ability to spike while we sleep. Unbelieveable. Do
whatever you must to get at least  7.5 – 8 hours of sleep per night. We try very
hard not to spike our insulin during the day so we can’t have it spiking at
night either.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that our bodies produce and by increasing the
level through supplementation can really go along way in improving the quality
and length of our sleep!!

Have a wonderful day,


Coaches Corner by Amy – Nov 7, 2011

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You must
know the philosophy of your grocery stores.
This is the last line of defense to healthy eating and smart food
choices.  The rule of thumb when making
selections is to choose either GOOD, BETTER or BEST.

Minimally processed-  Foreign materials
during processing is the only restriction, however there are no restrictions on
antibiotics, hormones or steroids.
BETTER- Residue Free- Animals are raised on antibiotics, hormones and
steroids their entire lives, then only weeks before slaughter, they are removed
from these substances simply to give them a ‘clean’ bill of health for labeling
purposes only.  BEST- Never Ever- Animals
are never, ever subjected to antibiotics, hormones, steroids or byproducts
before, during or after processing.  This
is the EarthFare philosophy.  Just
because something says “natural” on the label absolutely does not
make it so.  You must be proactive when
making food choices and know what “natural” products you want to take

In addition,
Alisa is posting information on cooking oils and the Omega fats contained in
them.  Omega 3 fats are the best for your
body to function properly and is imperative when it comes to keeping
inflammation at bay.  And we all have
learned that every disease, sickness and illness begins with inflammation.  Omega 3 fats are most readily available in
fish oils.  Incorporating fish oil
supplements into your diet is the best way to maintain a proper balance of
Omega 3 fats.

Have a
wonderful day,


Bonus Question, Nov, 7 2011

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Obese people whose body mass index is above ___ often need twice as much Vitamin D as other people do because Vitamin D gets _____ inside the fat cells and cannot be used.