The Queen of Weight Loss

If you knew what I knew, you could do it too!


If you are as healthy as you ever want to be…stop reading.
If you are at your ideal weight with a body image that you are completely confident about…you can go.
If you are a lifetime organic food consumer who has never been subjected to preservatives, chemicals, steroids, hormones or the like…seriously, you can stop right here.
For the rest of you, there is something you absolutely have to hear.

I’ve known Alisa Slattery, the founder of The Queen of Weight Loss , for over 15 years. What I can tell you about her is that she is first and foremost, a Christian. Second, a wife and mother. And third, a savvy and passionate business woman. Make no mistake, it is in that order. Without fail.

Over the years I have seen Alisa traverse the slippery slope of weight loss. Everything in the book. Juice diets, Atkins, low-fat, low calorie, exercise, fasts, supplements, weight loss programs, cabbage diets, soup diets, etc., etc. With each of these she has lost weight. 10, 20, sometimes 30 pounds. Fantastic. Here’s the common denominator of them all…the weight always came back, and brought reinforcements.
Until last year.
Last year, I noticed a tremendous change in her. It wasn’t just her weight loss. It was everything. Her weight, skin, hair, demeanor, focus, attention, energy, zest, style, positivity, attentiveness….everything.

This is when I asked, “What is going on with you?” She sat me down and explained exactly what it was. She told me about the 5 years of research she had done. She explained the path of her progress and results. The hows, whys and whats. Simply put, our bodies are perfect and amazing machines that are self-healing and self sufficient. However, each of us must be accountable to what goes in. You put bad in, you get mediocre (or worse) results from your body, both physically and mentally. You put good in, and you get to call the shots. I’ll let Alisa explain to each of you the promise of this remarkable program.

Personally, what I can tell you is that I am the biggest skeptic of weight loss programs and diets and all the garbage that we are inundated with daily. But this….this was different. Seeing what a difference it made in her, outside of the huge weight loss, sparked my interest. And thank GOD. Thank GOD that what I saw in Alisa brought me to this program. Being 5’10 and fairly lean, I had little or no designs on losing weight. What I wanted was to experience the energy and focus that Alisa has been enjoying. Since the program, I have had more energy, focus, motivation and spark than I have ever had in my life before. And by the way, I have lost over 20 pounds. Let me say that again, I have lost over 20 pounds that I was unaware I needed to lose. That is the beauty and wonder of this program. Your body knows what it needs more than you could ever predict. You just need to provide the avenue for it to do so. This program is that very avenue.

I don’t care what the cost. Pay it. I don’t care what your schedule will allow. Make time. I don’t care about the excuses. Make none.
If there are any other objections, then this probably isn’t for you.

The truth is the truth. You can’t hide from it. You can’t pretty it up. You can’t make it what it’s not. The truth is the truth. And the truth is Alisa Slattery has made available what you have always been asking for. The chance to get your health and weight back under your very own control.

What has been done can be undone.

Contact the Queen.

Amy C.

Gone, gone, gone are the 35 pounds that used to haunt me day and night – a constant reminder that I needed to do something about my eating habits. I was sure just a few months ago, that if I didn’t take action soon, then I was likely to end up in a doctor’s office needing medication.

But along came Alisa Slattery! She IS the queen of weight loss. Her program has given me life-changing skills to not only lose the extra pounds but I have also learned how to eat right. I have cleaned up my diet, eating organic most of the time, PLUS I have learned how to eat right when travelling and socializing. I can now eat whatever foods I want, because I know what to look for and what to avoid. And if there is ever a slip-up that shows up on the scale, her program has given me the tools to get right back on track. And it works!

Yes, this sounds like a commercial (it’s not), but I cannot help wanting share how grateful I am for what Alisa’s program and the daily coaching has done for me. It has changed my life! MOST importantly, I will never have to look for another diet or eating plan because I will always have this program.

(Okay that did sound like a commercial)

Thanks Alisa!!

Amy  L.

When I was 42 years old, I was in the best shape of my life!  I was working with a nutritionist  AND a fitness coach in preparation for
competing in the Mrs. Tennessee Pageant.
My life revolved around eating CORRECTLY, drinking half my body
weight in ounces of water and spending about 2 hours a day walking and working
out!  I was thin (for my 5’8” large skeletal frame) at 150 pounds and rarin’ to “knock ‘em dead” at the

It came and went and is in my memory as an experience I won’t forget because of
something my husband, Jay, said to me afterwards.   He was in the habit of signing notes he
wrote to me using the phrase:  “Your ‘L. H.’” which stood for “Your ‘Loving Husband’” ; however, after the
competition was over, he told me when the next note had been written and signed
that the “L. H.” stood for “LONELY Husband” as I had been spending soooo much
time involved with myself!  Talk about a
SHOCK!  I thought  I had been doing a GREAT job of balancing my
“preparation” with my family of husband & 3 sons!

Needless to say, that threw me into a total “funk” and the scales of my life took a
MAJOR swing to the opposite side of life…no longer focusing on me and what I  wanted BUT on my family and what I thought  THEY  wanted!
I stopped spending time walking & working out – started cooking
foods that were NOT as good for us as I had been – in general:  giving ME up!

The years came and went, my boys grew up and when they “left the nest”, I went back
to work because I had started to suffer from depression – feeling that there
was no longer a purpose in my life as my position as “at home Mom” had
disappeared!  Being a receptionist for a
law firm in downtown Nashville was “right up my alley” as I am an “in charge”
personality type (Jay calls it “control”!) but it also was a sedentary job with
LOTS of opportunities to eat badly and OFTEN…candy dish in the lobby –
doughnuts, etc. in the break room – as well as meeting Jay for dinners before
we went home.  The only opportunity to
walk was to buy my lunch!!  I’m sure you
get the picture??  So after 6 years, when
Jay wanted me to “retire” so I could business travel with him,  I was tipping the scales at close to 230 pounds!

Retirement brought time to work on my hobbies – ALL SEDENTARY:  sewing, knitting, cross stitching and
singing!   No motivation to get out and GET MOVING!  I had convinced myself that
I WAS happy.  I knew my husband loved me FOR ME soooo NO motivation to look better, be thinner OR healthier!

You know, your mind can “trick” you into believing A LOT of false ideas!

So, now I am “FAT at 59” when I really HAD been “Fabulous at 42”!

Slumping to “Frumpy at 50” instead of “Fantastic!” and REALLY desiring to be “SEXY at
60” – knowing the right things to do but having NO motivation to do them!

Then I met Linda.

During our conversation, she once mentioned that she used to be a size 14! (She
appeared to be about a size 2!)  THAT stuck in the back of my mind until I could bring it up again and ask her:   HOW???

What she shared with me then about The Queen was to catapult me into  becoming that “STUNNING at 60” woman I
secretly KNEW was “in there!”  That woman who competed at 42 and ALL of this was going to happen WITHOUT becoming a slave
to exercise!!   HALLELULIA!   I could continue with my sedentary hobbies AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT!!

I contacted The Queen as soon as I got back to Nashville!  I believe that Alisa could HEAR the
determination in my voice as she explained the “protocol” to me over the phone.  As my health was MORE important
than anything I “owned,” my decision to sell jewelry that went unworn for starting was an easy one to make!  I

 Today  is the end of my 6th week in Live Your Life
(LYL) as I have postponed starting my second round of protocol until the middle
of next month.  I am THRILLED to tell you
that I was 6.3 pounds UNDER LIW (Lock In Weight)!!!   My goal:
manditory  meal if one gains more than 2
pounds while Maintaining or Living Your Life.)

Are  you dreaming or remembering yourself in that svelte gown or swimsuit??





Carol M.

Hi Alisa,
After one round and, three weeks of
maintenance and one week of live your life, I am pleased to report to you all
the ways that I am healthier and happier!

First of all 25 pounds is gone
forever and that, in itself is great. I feel good. I’m sleeping better and that
is helping me deal with the stress of my job in a healthy way – I am more

Most surprising to me was that, at a visit to my doctor last
week, I was taken off Metformin, a diabetes med that I have been on for some
time AND, the cholesterol med I was on was reduced in dosage!!!!  It is expected
that, when I visit the doctor again in January, I will be taken off the
cholesterol med totally!!!

As a side note, the change in medications is
saving me $60 per month!  How great is that?!?!

I am looking forward to
my next round of and expect that Santa Clause is not going to recognize me
when he arrives in Milwaukee!

Between calls from Amy and emails from you,
I am being kept in the information and education loop even though I am not in
your area. Thanks for all of that.

In a nutshell – I’m a happy

Deb T.

Being athletic all of my life has not stopped me from being fat. In the last 10 years (since hitting 40), I have lost over 100 lbs, 20-25 lbs at a time, but always regained it when my schedule would not allow 3 hours of exercise a day. I have consistently participated in an exercise program, even running a half marathon in 2005 (50 lbs overweight). BUT the weight would always return when my schedule got hectic and exercise decreased.

I first heard of the miracle program 4 months before I started it. At that time, I simply saw it as a quick way to lose weight. Having seen a friend complete it successfully, I knew it would work.

After starting the program, I soon realized that the protocol is so much more than a “lose weight quick plan” (although it is a quick way to lose weight). The program for me was a complete life change and an awareness like none other. It gave me hope for and control of a problem I couldn’t conquer.
Now I have confidence that I can control my weight on my terms.

That’s the info on the program, now the important part. Alisa Slattery is imperative when using this program. She is knowledgeable, inspirational, caring, and a great source of information. Her wisdom is priceless. I introduced her to 3 friends and my sister and in my opinion, it was the best gift I could have given them.

Thank you Alisa for changing my life in a positive manner.

Just the facts man:

1. Did the minimum 21 days of protocol and lost 22.5 lbs.

2. Have maintained my weight

Valerie P.

“I start this with a big sigh…a sigh of relief; of renewed hope; and mostly of gratitude. When I met Alisa Slattery (forever referred to as The Queen of Weightloss, or “Queen” for short) I was without hope. I had given up on myself and my ability to lose weight or to feel good about myself. It was affecting every aspect of my life, least of all the dreaded trip to the closet every morning.

The words I heard first were “You can lose 30 pounds in 30-40 days”. Honestly, at that point I did not care who she was or what I had to do. But then I listened more and she explained the Simeone’s Protocol to me. She was honest and upfront by telling me that this was not going to be easy and it may seem like it, but it is NOT a “quick fix”. She told me this Protocol, if I followed it to the letter would CHANGE MY LIFE. She said, it’s not for everyone, but those that respect it, trust it and follow it will succeed. “Yeah, Yeah” I thought, just give me the stuff. But before I could start she made me read, study and understand. She said if I was committed to changing my life she would help me; she would be there for me; coach me through this journey. And she has more than lived up to that promise that she made to me and I made to myself.

On the first round of Protocol I lost 34 pounds and maintained that for 7 weeks before beginning my second round. There is not a minute during this journey that I have felt alone. I not only have The Queen’s resources and encouragement I have it of the entire team (and we are a team) of our Royal Court, as we are dubbed.

I have more weight to lose and am continuing with my second round and might consider a third; but it’s no longer all about the weight…. I feel AWESOME, I feel ENERGIZED, I feel BEAUTIFUL and SEXY, I am more PRODUCTIVE at work, I am a BETTER wife and friend, I am IN CONTROL of my life again.

This all probably sounds really hokey to most of you. I would have thought that too when I was the person I used to be. However, now, I honestly don’t care what you think. But if you want to get your life back for good, talk to The Queen and really listen to what she says.

She doesn’t have to do this. Dealing with all of us is more than a full time job for her; she does it because she actually cares about making our world better and ultimately saving our society and children from this obesity epidemic we are in. I used to think I could lose weight on my own and have been trying all my 44 years to do that. But I could not have and now I know I will never have to try.

I have detoxified by body and am set up to live a life (and a longer one at that) of CLEAN EATING. Most of all I LOVE MYSELF again.”

Thank you, Queen.

Thank you, Queen,

“I appreciate both you and your program. Your support and kindness goes a long way. As we both know, my journey was a bit different.

When we first spoke about getting involved with this program, it began with your tremendous change. Not only did you change physically, your entire being was different. You have always been a confident woman but you now exude confidence and beauty both inside and out. I have never been overweight, but have been struggling with being comfortable in my own skin for many years. Most people would look at me and say “are you kidding?” but I live with myself and know what I needed to work on.

You had suggested that this protocol would be different for me. Instead of the weight loss and life change that would take place that your other clients were seeking, mine was to resculpt and be comfortable…two things I found fascinating and exactly what I was looking for. We were again going to be hit with challenges as I travel and am a vegetarian but nothing I could throw at you even made you flinch.

I began the program in October, during my busiest travel season and having you a phone call or email away made this so much easier. When I wasn’t sure or was curious or whatever I was at the time, you responded and encouraged and coached and were present. What more could I have asked for? I completed my protocol and began and completed maintenance and the comments I have received are amazing. People have told me that every time they see me, I look younger and better. My clothes have taken on a life of their own and my seamstress is trying to figure out if it is less expensive just to make new clothes.

I am in a position where I am in the public 80% of the time and I have never been so confident or excited to be in that position as I am now. I recently had an opportunity to speak in front of 2000 people and I must admit, I did strut my stuff just a bit.

Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege to be a part of your group and if there is every anything I can do to help you out in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask. I wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Joyous 2010.”

~Dame J.

In May 2008, I weighed 260 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for anyone to carry, but it’s really a lot of weight for a woman who is not quite 5-feet tall. I knew I wanted to lose a lot of weight and get healthy. I hired a group of personal trainers who provided a very private one-on-one exercise environment and nutritionalcoaching.     I built up to exercising five to six days per week. Within a year-and-a-half, I’d lost seventy pounds. Then, I hit a plateau that lasted sixmonths, whichwas very frustrating since I was exercising so much but not getting results anymore.


One of my trainers told me about program offered at a local medical spa. I did a forty-day program and lost 25 pounds, but I gained back 12 pounds in the 21-day maintenance phase because there was NO SUPPORT offered by the medical spa in the maintenance period. After your last supplement, they weigh, measure, give you instructions and say “Good Luck.”


A friend of mine had used   Alisa Slattery, The Queen of Weight Loss. I met with Alisa to learn about her program, and I decided to give it another try under her guidance. The support and daily phone conversations made all of the difference for me. I am pleased to report that on my last maintenance day, I’ve kept ALL of my weight off. I’ve lost a total of 100 pounds since I started my weight loss journey in May 2008. I can’t thank Alisa enough for helping me though this journey. She is a gift from God!


Thank you,

Sandy R.



If you KNEW there was a solution to your decades-long misery and depression and ill-health, why in the world would you not use it??? For many people, it is because they don’t know about the solution or don’t have a reputable group to help implement it. That can’t be your excuse any more – because now you have both: the info and the person to lead you through the solution. Read on…


It is July 2011. What a difference a year makes – and what untold blessings unfold. If you had told me last year at this time what I was about to experience, I would have dismissed it readily! And with a hardy laugh!


I have accomplished many things in my fifty-eight year life, have a great family and have received recognition and awards for many professional accomplishments. My field of professional expertise requires much discipline and focus. Why is it that I am an utter and complete failure in the area of weight loss? I have participated in EVERY weight loss program and purchased most exercise programs advertised via infomercial.I was at the end of my rope.


At my July 2010 annual physical/check-up, my biggest ongoing complaint was that I was getting fatter with each passing meal. No matter what I did, no matter how much I exercised, no matter what diet I did at that point in my life (even if it worked before) I was getting fatter and more depressed about it every day. I made such an impassioned plea to my doctor that she even suggested a prescription to attempt to jumpstart my weight loss. Whoa! This was quite an extreme proposal – both for her to suggest it because she is very ‘organically’ oriented and for me to consider it. That’s just how desperate I was. Well, we nixed the Rx route. She then suggested a program on which several of her other patients seemed to be succeeding.  My healthcare provider told me to just think about it and gave me a website to checkout –


I got home. I had to face it, it was now or never with the weight – either I lost it this year or I was just going to resign myself to being fat and having to use my clothes to creatively camouflage my body for the rest of my life. I recalled a scene where I witnessed an eighty-plus-year-old lady feverishly searching through diet books at Border’s and I vowed to myself, I am NOT going to be doing this at 80! So I logged on to the website. Probably just another dead end road for me but, my healthcare provider, for whom I have immense respect both for her knowledge and her conservative approach, recommended it. Well, what can it hurt? I will call and just talk to this lady on the website. No commitment, just gathering information, getting a feel for it. And that’s what I did. I talked with her on the phone; Alisa was her name. She seemed excited, CONFIDENT and sort of normal sounding  (-: so I scheduled an appointment. I went to that appointment thinking, ‘I am going to be the one person on this program that fails, I am sure of it.’ This dynamic lady assured me that there was 100% success for those that followed the program; I AM a good rule follower – for the most part. Alisa said there was no doubt I would lose a layer of fat I had never lost before! She didn’t just promise a loss of pounds, she said I would lose a layerof fat without the typical saggy skin! She also recommended a book for me to read by Kevin Trudeau, The Weight Loss Cure…. So much of what he said in his book resonated with my own ‘gut feelings’ (no pun intended) about the whole diet/exercise industry. He was a little extreme about ‘cleansing’ etc. but I could understand and relate to all of the other information. “OK.” I said, “Sign me up!’” This was the beginning of my road to transformation.


I didn’t want to tell anyone what I was doing, not even my husband, until I saw if it really worked. Let me just say, I was telling my husband about it within a week as the pounds were dropping!! Making this long story short, I lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks and kept it off as I stabilized and began designing my own eating plan for the next six weeks. I did another round in December 2010 and shed another 20 pounds making my total 55 lbs – IN 4 ½ months!! Fantastic.


What makes this entire journey more special for me is that my husband was so excited for me. He was my most enthusiastic supporter because he knew first-hand how I had worked to get the weight off and keep it off on other programs of diet and exercise. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004 and was a remarkable example of the mind/body connection – of how a positive outlook, prayer and a living faith can sustain you and enrich your life and the lives of those around you. He had an administrative position at the University and went to work everyday without complaint – if you didn’t know he was sick, you wouldn’t have known. The doctors never ‘staged’ his cancer for us back in 2004, we never asked – we just moved forward with two surgeries, seven years of chemo, and a lot of love and laughter. But it was Stage IV from the beginning – metastasized to the liver and then some. He fought a courageous, remarkable seven-year battle with Stage IV colon cancer until it ended in February of this year, 2011. And even after seven years, the timing of his death was still unexpected. Under normal circumstances, I would have eaten myself into oblivion. Food was my great stress reliever, comforter and pain killer – always had been!But now I had a plan –a plan that I KNEW I could rely on to get resultsand keep my health in check. Through this program I also had a support system from a generous and caring QUEEN and a court of supportive, funny, and wise women and men who knew and lived the struggle of weight gain. The wealth of information I gained every week was practical and useful. I will be honest and admit that I lost my way for a while, a month or so after my husband’s death, as I struggled to cope with this indescribable pain of loss that seemed to have no relief. But this time it was temporary and I could come back to my plan, my new and evolved relationship with food, and my ongoing journey with this group of women and men.


Well, that’s my story. I could write a book about my struggle with weight gain, weight loss and ‘maintenance’. The final chapter would be called, “The Answer, The End to My Fifty-Year Search: All About TQOWL and What She Knows.”


Get in touch with Alisa, TQOWL, TODAY!!!! It is the beginning of YOUR road to transformation – physically and spiritually!



Marjorie S.

I have fought excess weight for over 20 years. Even though I grew up tall and thin my body changed and I ended up over 230 pounds. Of course I did almost every diet known to man and I would lose weight only to gain it back and more. What a negative toll this tool on my already damaged self esteem!


When at a doctor appointment, I expressed how difficult it was for me to lose weight and was given a business card of The Queen of Weight Loss and told that she had clients that had achieved remarkable results. I called Alisa from the parking lot and met her the next day.


Although I wanted to start it right away, I waited until I talked to two of her clients and until I could be sure that I would not allow myself to fail again.


Once I made the decision I came to realize it was one of the most important decisions of my adult life. I am now down over 37 pounds and feel and look great!  What is more important is that all cravings for unhealthy food are gone and I am making healthy choices and loving it.


This decision is also impacting my family and close friends as I share what Alisa and her staff have taught me with them and can see them making healthier choices. The fact that Alisa gives us information at little at a tome gives time for it to be absorbed and for change to take place. In the past I would be overwhelmed and eat healthy food and junk food causing me to stay stuck.


This program is THE answer. It is what you have been looking for so long.  Don’t wait, act now. You are worth it!


Beverly A


After hearing about Alisa Slattery, The Queen of Weight Loss, I waited 5 months to sign on to her fabulous program. I had to be ready. I had to be committed. I had to realize that nothing was going to change until I stopped kidding myself:  “I’m not THAT fat.”  “All I need to lose is 5 or 10 pounds.”  “That outfit just isn’t very flattering.”  “All I have to do is stop eating so many sweets.”   “My high blood pressure and high cholesterol are genetic.”


I stopped lying to myself. I believed what I saw in the mirror. A formerly hourglass shape was now forming an apple abdomen. I could no longer suck that abdomen in to button size 12 pants.  A lifetime of relatively good health and high self-esteem was going downhill fast. I told my  husband that I was writing the check for Alisa’s program as a Christmas gift to myself…and I was not going to fail myself.


I started the program on January 4. After 30 days on protocol, I had lost 19.4 pounds and 20 inches. My blood pressure was perfectly normal and I came off my cholesterol meds after taking them for 5 years with no change. My doctors were amazed and supportive. My body continues to firm up and tone without even exercising. I have now lost 28 pounds and wear size 4. I do not have a gaunt appearance. I do not need to lose any more weight. I look as healthy as I feel. I stopped protocol over 7 months ago. I continued to lose weight and inches while eating a normal diet. But it is a new “normal”. I AM IN CONTROL.


Twenty years ago I lost 25 pounds on a different, very well-known and accepted diet. I weigh more today than I did at the end of that diet, but I look so much better! All those years ago, I knew I wouldn’t keep the weight off because I really hadn’t learned how to eat for the rest of my life. The reason The Queen of Weight Loss is such a successful program is because losing is only a small part of the weight loss. Alisa equips us with the knowledge and confidence necessary to continue to make good choices in not only WHAT we eat, but HOW we eat. And that is what breaks the cycle of constant dieting, food deprivation and plummeting self-esteem.

Thank you, Alisa, for teaching me how to Live, and LOVE, my Life.

Holly L.

There are not enough words to express my sincere gratitude to an amazing lady, friend and mentor.  Not only have you transformed my body, you have transformed my business.  You have given me the tools and knowledge to not let this happen again, through your constant teachings and coaching.  I will never be able to pay you back for what you have given to me.

Yours with the greatest admiration,

Linda P.

Thank you for your program. I have become so much more aware of what I am eating and of the benefit of conscious choices. As a thinking adult, I find more and more commitment to purposeful eating. I may still have a desert, but I am now well aware of what is in it and how my body is going to react to it. Many times, that knowledge alone will alter my food choices. I feel much better equipped to make wise food choices. I try to never purchase processed foods, canned foods or anything with HFCS and MSG (or whatever they want to call it). I have cleaned out cabinets of food that is harmful.

My goal is to try to eat as much as I possibly can that is the original, unprocessed food. Whether fruits, vegetables or protein, I am working to make choices that are limited to products with only 1 item listed in the ingredients – “real” food. I can’t even pick up a box of little “prepared”

cakes, donuts, muffins, brownies, etc. When I read the ingredient list, that goes forever, and is filled with everything except recognizable food, it now turns my stomach. I am afraid I am putting poison in my mouth instead or nourishment. I want my body to have the nourishment it was designed by God to need. In that group of food choices, I have found delicious food that is healthy and helpful for my body. We really are what we eat, and food really can be our medicine.

Also, your one-on-one counseling and encouragement make this a one of a kind program. Thank you for all the information, education and patience through all the learning phases of better weight management and better nutrition.

You have started me on a path that I really appreciate, and my whole body thanks you!

Suzie C

I love my new weight.  I feel younger and saying goodbye to the medicines was great.  I have sold my BIG clothes and don’t ever plan to go back to them.  I want to be a sexy Nana to my 7 grandchildren who has energy to run and play.


After seeing my wife lose 34 lbs in one month I decided I to get rid of the basketball I was carrying around under my shirt. You know that “beer belly” that most guys carry around. Well I was at 200 lbs when I started the Protocol and 30 days later my basketball was gone and I was weighing 175. My waist went from 43″ to 37″. The protocol works. My wife, Alisa and Amy were able to coach me through. I don’t think I could have done it by myself. Thanks

Make a difference in someones life today,
I guess you could say I wAs a little afraid I would simply join another program and not really learn enough to keep the weight off–really understanding how the body works. I have been in this program for approximately 50 days and have lost 29 pounds and feel great!  Alisa, Amy and the rest of the losers have been the best inspiration and wealth of knowledge a person could ask for.  I love the energy the group produces and Amy, well there is just not enough words to express how wonderful and helpful it has been to get my morning call from Coach Amy and have the guidance and support she offers.  The food is great and a great opportunity to try a few new things! This program may not be for everyone but It was really for me, it was a perfect fit!  By the way i am working on the “new perfect fit for me”  Knowledge, educational, easy, did not get hungry, life changing, accountable, inspirational and something I CAN DO and YOU can to.  Alisa is truly the Queen of Weight Loss!  Thank you Alisa, Amy, and team! 

I am so thankful I became a member of the Queen’s Court before Halloween, 2010.

Unable to keep lost weight off had always challenged me so I was skeptical about this program.  At weekly business meetings, however,  I saw several professional women becoming svelte and looking better and better.   I had to know how they were becoming so very successful with their weight losses.  Now I am amazed and excited to have learned how to deal with my own food issues.  Thank you, Queen Alisa, for helping me to learn how to enjoy all foods without them controlling me, and to successfully be seventy-four pounds lighter.
 Gail M.